The Office of Agricultural Economic Development is charged with maintaining the rural character of Polk County by ensuring the continued viability of farming in the county.  AED works with farmers to increase the profitability of existing farms, monitors food trends to identify new market opportunities, and protects working farmlands in the county to ensure the next generation of farmers have a place to set down roots.  Together we can keep farms at the heart of Polk County!


  • Maintain and enhance Farmland Preservation (VAD and EVAD) in Polk County .
  • Provide networking opportunities and mentorship to new and existing farmers.
  • Assist in scaling up agricultural businesses through training and grant funding.
  • Create market opportunities for Polk County’s agricultural products.
  • Encourage value-added enterprises, identify emerging trends, and provide support services.
  • Help Polk County farmers transition farmland to the next generation of farmers.


The Agricultural Economic Development Office is supported by the Farmland Preservation Board, an advisory board to the County Commissioners.